Your Birthright.
Our Passion.

Legacy Probate International is a firm focused on justice. We seek out the rightful heirs to estates to preserve family wealth that has accrued for decades, or even centuries.


Helping Heirs to Inherit

If you have been contacted by our firm, then our research has identified you as a potential heir to an estate. This means that you may stand to inherit from the estate once proof is established and presented before the presiding probate court.

Our notification does not constitute proof of inheritance. It simply means that our research has indicated that you are a potential heir. Other potential heirs may have also been notified.

Helping Heirs to Inherit

Once you sign an agreement with us, Legacy Probate International will begin the legal process of verifying our research and establishing proof of your inheritance rights. During this sometimes lengthy process, we will assemble certified birth, marriage, death, and other documents, as well as a detailed genealogical chart (or “family tree”) to present to the court.

Pay Nothing Unless You Inherit

We do not require ANY up-front payments to complete this process. We only need a signed agreement from you that allows us to earn a modest fee from whatever inheritance you receive. We collect nothing if you do not inherit from the estate.

We Guide You Through the Process

Legacy Probate International’s long and in-depth experience with probate helps us to manage the process of establishing proof of inheritance effectively. We keep our clients informed of their case’s progress every step of the way as we prepare and file documentation for your case.

Delivering Your Inheritance

Once proof of inheritance rights has been verified by the probate court, a distribution schedule will be constructed to account for all of the estate’s assets, and how they will be dispersed to the estate’s heir(s). You will receive notification of the final distribution, followed by a check for any funds you are due to inherit, less our fee.


Diligence for Attorneys, Trustees, Executors, and Administrators

Because our firm conducts in-depth genealogical research to identify and locate heirs to an estate, our service is also of great value to those tasked with ensuring an estate’s inheritance is justly handled. Estate attorneys, trustees, and fiduciaries who are vested with the legal duty to properly distribute an estate benefit from our diligence.

We Guide You Through the Process

The compensation for our efforts is drawn from the funds we are able to help our clients claim successfully. This relieves estate fiduciaries of the need to conduct expensive, time-consuming genealogical research to satisfy the diligence that is legally required for an estate. It also ensures that the research we conduct is appropriately thorough. Our incentive is absolute. We are only paid when we are successful.

If you or your firm are aware of an estate with missing heirs, please reach out to us to discuss it.